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1. Adam and Eve
2. Abraham and Isaac
3. Joseph in Egypt
4. Moses
5. David and Goliath
6. The prophet Isaiah
7. Daniel in the lion's den
8. Judith and Holofernes
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1. Birth of Christ
2. Baptism in river Jordan
3. The raising of Lazarus
4. The prodigal son
5. The merciful Samaritan
6. The Last Supper
7. The crown of thorns
8. Jesus dies
9. Jesus in Emmaüs
10. Ascension


1. Sancta Maria
2. Sanctus Joseph
3. Peter and Paul
4. St Augustine of Hippo
5. Anglo-saxon missionaries
6. St Francis of Assisi
7. St Vincent de Paul
8. Lourdes 1858
9. Theresia of Lisieux
10. Valentinus Paquay
11. Fatima 1917
12. Titus Brandsma

(by Henri Digné)

Who was Jesus? He spoke with authority, and preached a wonderful doctrine. Blind people saw again, and lame people walked.
He was led to the slaughter like a lamb, just as Jesaja had prophesied, because His kingdom was not of this world.
After His death, he appeared to the apostles. They recognized Him when He broke the bread.
He was to stay with them until the end of the world, but ascended to heaven before their eyes.
Who else could He be than the Son of God, the second person of Trinity?

There are many more saints than those who happen to have been canonized. Everybody who goes to heaven is a saint. We all have to go there.
The canonized saints had as many problems with their errors in life as we have, maybe even more. They confided themselves to God.
Here's another one: Miguel Pro