by HFH Reuvers

nihil obstat (ie: I presume the Church has no objections) ©

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pre Preface

1) God the Father

1.1 Creation

1.1.1 Big bang and evolution
1.1.2 Origin and destiny of creation
1.1.3 Intelligent design

1.2 Man

1.2.1 Dogs are just like little children
1.2.2 Every man has a soul
1.2.3 Every man has a free will

1.3 Angels and devils

1.3.1 Angels and guardian angels
1.3.2 Devils and seducers
1.3.3 Belief and superstition

1.4 The fall of man

1.4.1 Suffering and evil in the world
1.4.2 Sin and guilt
1.4.3 It seems we can't find God

1.5 All mankind is seeking God

1.5.1 The natural religions
1.5.2 The eastern religions
1.5.3 Everybody has some God

2) God the Son

2.1 The old Israel and the new Israel

2.1.1 The chosen people and the promise of the land
2.1.2 The prophets and the law
2.1.3 Exile and return

2.2 The glad tidings

2.2.1 Signs and wonders
2.2.2 Parables and beatitudes
2.2.3 Scribes and hypocrites

2.3 Crucifixion and resurrection

2.3.1 Maundy thursday and good friday
2.3.2 Easter: Jesus is risen and founds his Church
2.3.3 Pentecost: coming of the Holy Spirit

2.4 The young Church

2.4.1 The apostles Peter and Paul
2.4.2 The Church fathers
2.4.3 The community of the saints

2.5 The mother of God

2.5.1 Virgin Mary in the bible
2.5.2 Feast days of virgin Mary
2.5.3 Apparitions of virgin Mary

3) God the Holy Spirit

3.1 The commandments of God and the Church

3.1.1 The first table of Moses
3.1.2 The second table of Moses
3.1.3 The five commandments of the Church

3.3 The Church in history

3.2.1 The Church settles in the Occident
3.2.2 The fight against Islam
3.2.3 Reformation and counter reformation

3.3 The Church in the world of today

3.3.1 Enlightenment and the French revolution
3.3.2 Socialism and emancipation
3.3.3 Globalisation and terrorism

3.4 The sacraments

3.4.1 Rebirth
3.4.2 Marriage and priesthood
3.4.3 Holy Mass

3.5 Life after death

3.5.1 Hell: a rare and bad choice
3.5.2 Purgatory: the common cure resort
3.5.3 Heaven: finally home!

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